Personal view: Choir is a blast


Arisza Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Arisza Gonzalez and I’m an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High. I’m in Dobie’s Mixed Choir. This is my second year being in the Dobie choir. Last year was a blast! We had multiple concerts and each one was better than the last.

This year we have a new choir director. Last year we had Ms. Dane. Before she left, she talked to us about her moving and us having a new teacher with lots of experience this year. We met him at the UIL choir concert last year, but Ms. Dane kept it a surprise for us until the last day of school. That day, she broke the news to us and said her goodbyes.

This year we walked through the choir door and met Mr. Contreras for the second time. He was really funny and sweet and we all knew this year would be great.The choir is soon going to vote on officers that include president, historian, social chairperson etc. We are all so excited and competitive! Next stop is our first concert!

Choir is made up of many different things. We read a lot of sheet music and practice as much as possible. Everyone assumes choir is just singing, but we do lots of things! For example, this year we are getting a choreographer and we’re going on lots of field trips to get to know each other and have fun!

Learning new music can be difficult especially when you’re new to reading music. Music is like a language; it takes time and effort to learn. Some people have experience reading music because they were in band or they may play some type of instrument. Music can be so fun, and when you harmonise with other voices it creates a whole new stronger voice that everyone is a part of.