Theater class is all about fun


Theatre at Dobie offers a rich experience in the history of Theatre and provides many acting opportunities throughout the year.

Max Belbin and Alivia Cooper

Dobie theatre is an elective that thespians and non-thespians enjoy. With an 8th grade show coming up and a new teacher, students have tons to say about this fine arts program. 

Caitlin Zander, 7th grader, said she enjoys theatre classes and she’s excited about upcoming plays. Her favorite thing about theatre is showing what she can do. She loves Ms.Chitta, the new theatre teacher, and thinks she is very nice. Caitlin says she would enjoy playing any good guy in any play. “My favorite part is embracing the character that you play,” she said when asked why she liked the elective.

Amaya Wasden, also in 7th grade, would prefer to be the main character in the 7th grade play, and loves the new theatre teacher. “I really like the way we get to act out our feelings.”

She said she would be the good character. “I can’t help but be the star of the show,” she said.

Alexia Moreland, 8th grader, is going to see “The Kids”, which is the 8th grade play. Her favorite part about theater is the fun. She says it’s nerve wracking, yet she still manages to have a good time. 


Brea Mars, 8th grader, said she thinks the theatre is a good outlet for those who love acting, and that it sounds interesting. Her electives are journalism 1, athletics and Spanish. If she had to take theatre, she says she would probably do it because of a friend. “No, because certain people need time to memorize [lines],” she said when asked if there should be more shows. 

Michaela Martinez, 8th grade, said that for the first few weeks of school she was in theater. She enjoyed it, but transferred to journalism so she could keep art as an elective. If she were to see more shows, she would love to see more comedy. “I think there should be more shows,” she said.