The New Rules on The Dobie Campus are aggravating


Darien Thomas, Staff Reporter

Hi I’m Darien Thomas an 8th grader at Dobie Jr High, and I witnessed the assembly on Friday the 8th of September and I’m not baffled as I expected to be. The locker situation isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be, I quickly adapted to the locker lifestyle switching in and out of my stuff for different periods.


However the dress code will probably put a damper on some people’s parades, because of the way the trend is currently. But if I could I probably would change the phone rules regarding during lunch. Because not only is it unfair to the people who just want to listen to music, it’s unfair to the 7th graders who suffer consequences for something they didn’t even do.


However I believe the staff understand this, but their hands are tied because of the people who took advantage of the rule by using them in restricted areas. I agree and disagree with the Vice Principal’s decision to confiscate headphones because wearing around your head considering it could be a cosmetic.


It’s difficult for me to condone the rule of having to sit with your team because you could have a great schedule but your friends could be in different teams so lunch would be the only time you could mingle with your buddies. I 100 percent understand it’s easier to find the people who are sabotaging the tables by leaving food and spilled drinks on the table by organizing them by teams but that could be something they could deal with without having to resort to such extreme rules.


Tardiness I understand is completely unacceptable because of truancy and such. And that is why I put my congratulations out to Mr.Jackson for even if people just stand out in groups he won’t limit the small amount of time we have to get stuff from our lockers then get to a classes while waving through the horde of students trying to get to their classes. However it’s always good to remember, rules can always change.