My crazy first day of school

By : Kennedy Freeman

(personal opinion)

The first day of school was already going bad. Rumours were already spreading about me and drama I didn’t even know that I had was starting up.


Over the summer I had a surgery and I wasn’t able to do anything on my own because I was in a leg cast. Going into volleyball tryouts I already knew that I had a disadvantage so not making the team didn’t upset me as much as the drama spreading around the school did.


I asked some people about their first day and what it was like. “I was excited for the first day of school because I get I got to see my friends”says 8th grader Xavier Bowman.


I also asked around about the locker rule. “Not smart,” said Joslynn Trevino. “I have a locker that is far away from my other classes and being late is hard not to do.” states Trevino 


I liked the answers I was given because I agreed with most of them. As the week goes on the days get better, I  get to talk to my friends and enjoy the days as they go on.