Personal view: Seventh graders have nothing to worry about

Jacob Shannon, Staff Reporter

I quite honestly think that you seventh graders have nothing to worry about. School, a place where anger and happiness coexist. Strange, isn’t it? How two things so contradicting can be in the same building, at the same time, for almost 8 hours. That’s school for ya’.

Oh you poor, confused seventh graders. You’re all new and have no idea where to go. Don’t worry though, here’s what eighth grader Daniella Molina commented on how we should treat seventh graders here at Dobie. “We should respect and welcome them to our school,” Daniella commented. My personal opinion on seventh graders is to assist them if they seem to be having some trouble.

She also commented, “Relationships have no purpose. We are in 7th-8th grade. We have other things to worry about than dating.” Relationships?  What’s the point if you know you’ll break up within 2 months? Honestly, it’s best not to worry about pointless endeavors like that.

U.S. History teacher Mr. Wetz commented on how students should handle the first few weeks.  “The first few weeks of school are exciting but the are also tempered by trepidation (chaos) like schedule changes. As a teacher it is my job to help those students catch up so they don’t fall behind,” Mr. Wetz said.

I believe that Mr. Wetz’s words should soothe all the worried minds reading this article. Don’t worry all you confused seventh graders. It looks like you’ve got the backing of both the eighth graders and the faculty. Just focus on school, and everything will turn out alright.