School lockers: Are they really that necessary?


Mrs. Preyor-Johnson

Students gather at lockers during passing period.

Hope Carl and Asedeya Pagan

During passing periods, before school, and after school, students have to visit the dreadful locker. There are different opinions on the lockers. Some people think they’re helpful, yet others think it’s a waste of time. One reason there are no backpacks allowed in classrooms and students have to leave their things in lockers is because teachers can trip over them since classrooms are so crowded this year.

Han Trihn, an 8th grader, doesn’t like the idea of lockers: “Lockers are a waste of time because I keep being late for class because of trying to get all my stuff for other classes.”

Lockers can be  helpful because they save students from carrying the weight of the textbooks, but they also are very time consuming during passing periods. And teachers tell students to get out homework and school supplies, but some students forget their items and can’t go get the things we need because students are not allowed to go to their lockers. 

Leilani Barajas, 8th grader, believes that students should be able to choose the location of their lockers. “Because you know where it is and makes it easier,” she said.

Editor’s Note: So, what do you think? Do we really need them? Or are they just a waste of time? Leave us comments.