Personal view-My Summer was simple

Arianna Mckenzie Brumbaugh, Staff Reporter

  This summer I didn’t do a lot. We had a lot of family come to see us . My mom and dad worked a lot over this summer ,and I did a lot of sleeping. The one thing that was fun was that my grandma came to see us.  She stayed for two days it was so much fun!

My mom and I went shopping and got a lot of new things. I also went swimming with some of my mom’s friends and their kids. When we got home it was late,so we had to go to bed.

A couple of days later my brother came home . He went to go see some family back where we used to live ,Indiana, for two weeks the day he left it was his birthday.

The two weeks went by fast, and when he got back we went to my grandma’s house because we were having a problem with our house. We stayed with her for two nights ,and we also did even more shopping for school. I got to hang out with my friends.We even had a sleep over and it was so much fun!