Never Underestimate Girls

Bre Johnson and Alicia Orage

Never Underestimate Girls

Dobie Jr. High is all about making all students as great as possible in everything they do, including sports. In Dobie there is a class called athletics. In this class boys and girls work hard just to play harder.

Our athletic classes are built of strong and determined people. For the past 2 weeks, athletic girls have been in something called boot-camp mode.

This is a hard core work out where for 5 perfect days girls have to be dressed out, hair pulled up, no jewelry, and standing in a locked in position.

Some girls like Shelby Wilson thinks that the workouts are easy, being she is already fit. Other girls like Rebekah Lorenzana, thinks that you have to work hard as a team, and enjoys the burn of working hard.

Students have to be dressed out everyday. If students forget their uniforms, of course there is a consequence. Since the girls are in boot camp mode, if one gets in trouble they all get in trouble.

Shelby doesn’t like the fact that everyone gets in trouble. She thinks this method is very frustrating. She said, ”It’s not that hard to bring athletic clothes.”

On September 29th, 8th grade athletic girls made it to their final day of boot camp. They were so proud and happily achieved . Unfortunately, 7th grade girls haven’t completed their boot camp but they are still working with strength and dedication to complete it. Girls are underestimated all the time, but Dobie girls are working hard to stop this stereotype.