Fright Fest at Six Flags; scary but enjoyable


Picture taken by Elena Flessas

October is coming fast, and before we know it, Halloween will finally be here. Most people love Halloween, whether they love dressing up, eating candy, decorating, etc., but Fright Fest offers something else that goes onto the creepier side of Halloween.

Fright Fest at Six Flags is an amazing way to get your adrenaline going by getting scared. “It was very exciting, because everyone was screaming and running around all over the place,” said 7th grader, Brian Gutierrez.

If you ever go to Fright Fest, be prepared to be terrified out of your mind! Ethan Adams, an 8th grade student at Dobie, has given some advice to people about Fright Fest. “If you don’t like getting spooked, don’t go,” he said.

Fright Fest is an amazing experience, as long as you’re not afraid to go through haunted houses and scare zones. Some people may not ever want to come here during the spooky month of October, while others would like to go every season! “It was pretty fun, kinda scary. People should really go for the experience,” Kristen Howard, another 8th grader, explains.

Even if you don’t like being scared by people in fake costumes and makeup, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the roller coasters!

Whether you like being scared and going on roller coasters or not, most of us agree that Fright Fest is an amazing experience, as long as you make sure to watch your back.