Dobie students dish about favorite video games

Dobie students dish about  favorite video games

Jason Dobbins and Reese Evans

Video games are a crowd favorite of many children and teenagers; it’s an escape from life and can sometimes help improve your memory skills. Video games remain popular to this generation of adolescents, however some games are more popular than others. Some of the students’ answers were drastically different from others.

Samuel Williams, 8th grader, said he has a few favorites. “My favorite game is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The game focuses on the military, which I plan on serving in as my occupation,” he said. “I got the game three years ago. I begged my mom that if I got it, I would not ask for another game in 5 years. That changed the next Christmas.”


The box art of Samuel’s favorite game.

Seamus Brady, 8th grader, had a certain pick in mind. ”My favorite game is ROBLOX, I’ve been playing it for three years.” When asked about the reason why he likes it, he responded with “I love doing epic parkour challenges, and I play it on my computer.” Brady added: “Think about Minecraft and multiply it by one hundred.”

Seamus’ favorite game.

Michael Moylan, 8th grader, had one definite answer. “My favorite video game is Call of Duty: Black Ops. It was the first video game I played.” We asked him what he likes about it, and he said: “The campaign is very compelling, and Zombies increases in difficulty in the same map.” Moylan also said: “I’ve been playing Black Ops since the second grade.” Moylan wanted to add: “Next Call of Duty will be trash.”

The box art of Michael’s favorite game.

Adyn Janes, 8th grader, had a common choice for his age. “I love The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I’ve been playing it for a year and a half. It is an open world experience that choices you make have effect on the game.” Janes said he plays it on his Xbox One. Janes wanted to add: “It has a massive world.’’

The box art of Adyn’s favorite game.

Cole Rooney, 8th grader, had his pick from the very start. “My favorite game is Undertale. It was my first RPG, and it’s super capiche fun.” Rooney also said: “I like it because it has three endings, and it’s super fun. I’ve played it for a year or two.”

Picture of Cole at Gamer’s Club.

Last but not least, Tristen Nichols, 8th grade, replied with a unique answer “My favorite game is Grand Theft Auto V. I want to be a firefighter, and I get to drive a firetruck. I like it because I get to choose my character’s race, and I get a little bit of money to start off, then I can get more by doing more things.” Nichols said: “I’ve been playing this game since it came out.” Nichols wanted to add: “You can accomplish anything in life, but friends are third, family second, and God first.”

Picture of Tristen at Gamer’s Club.

When it comes to hobbies, it seems that video games is the kingpin of them all in Dobie. Dobie students seem to enjoy military games the most. It seems that video games will keep being the pastime of many students.