Dobie students learn martial arts at Kung Jung Mu Sul

Meet our schools martial artists


Jin Seo, Staff Reporter

There are a lot of the martial arts that people enjoy. People know most of the information about the well-known martial arts, but most do not know about Kung Jung Mu Sul martial arts school where some Dobie students learn about martial arts. so, we decided to interview some student who goes to the Kung Jung Mu Sul.

Kara Loomis, an 8th grader, used to be a senior yellow belt in Kung Jung Mu Sul (KJMS). Her favorite instructors

Renee Jessen
Kara Loomis

are Mr.Trae and Mr. Myers. She likes to fight with her feet. She used to do the after school program and she really enjoyed it. She liked to perform Kuching.” I recommend  Kung Jung Mu Sul to people, but it depends on who they are,”  she said.





August Moniz is a 7th grader, he is a senior brown belt in KJMS. He is going to take a test in December for the next belt. His favorite instructor at KJMS is Mr.Trae, because he’s very supportive. He loves to fight with his feet. He does not go to the after school program because he doesn’t have enough time for it. He sometimes participates in demo team, but not all the time. He likes to perform jumping across and kicking. He is excited about new sparring competitions and he hopes to get 12 medals in one year.“I will recommend martial arts to other people because it helps people to control their emotions.”

Renee Jessen
August Moniz

Sebastian Santiago is a 7th grader. He is a Senior Red belt in KJMS. He is going to take the test in about 2 months. He loves fighting with his hands. His favorite instructor at KJMS is Mr. Trae. He said he goes to the after school

Renee Jessen
Sebastian Santiago

program and he does not like it. He is not part of the demo team. His favorite performance skill is spin heel kick. He is excited about new sparring competitions. He recommends martial arts to other people.