Spotlight: Mrs. Chitta, the new Dobie theater director


Erynn Sanders and Anaya Edwards

After two weeks of going through substitutes, the Dobie theater class was finally able to welcome its permanent teacher, Mrs.Chitta.

But the students aren’t the only ones that are happy she’s here, Mrs. Chitta herself is very excited to be here and have gotten the job.She describes her colleagues as wonderful people and the kids as amazing. She loves Dobie because the kids that were previously in theater are way more advanced than she expected and “a treasure trove of talent.”

Mrs. Chitta describes her first day at Dobie as crazy but she is slowly warming up to her new job. She even already has a favorite class period! She likes fifth period best because it’s a longer class period (1 hour) which lets her get more done. Let’s not forget she has already started working on this year’s first play which will be showing the day before and on Halloween.

Even though Mrs.Chitta has been teaching it for seven years, theater wasn’t always her first choice, she actually wanted to be a medical lawyer until her second year of college.

Mrs.Chitta says that her favorite thing about teaching theater is how you can have more fun and that there is no major structure to theater like other classes, but sometimes others can’t handle no structure and tend to ruin the fun for others.

She has always loved theater though, she has ever since elementary school. Mrs.Chitta loves everything about theater especially theater history and learning about theater’s impact on society.

Throughout the short time she has been here, the students have grown to love Mrs.Chitta and we sure hope she will stay with us for a while.