Many Dobie students prefer snacks for lunch

By: Trinity Townsend and Sandra Escobar kristina Eisermann


Snacks are important at Dobie Jr. High. People really love their snacks and many just just eat snacks for lunch.


They said they she only eat snacks for lunch. “I kind of just eat snacks for lunch,” said Kristina Eisermann, 8th grader.


It seems that seafood,or more specifically fish, isn’t exactly popular, so it’ll probably be a rare occurrence for someone to bring seafood. “It literally makes me gag because of the smell. Just blech,” said Brooke Frank, 7th grader.


Students really like to eat. Lauren Sanchez said she looks forward to lunch each day. “Food is good, food is great, food is awesome every day!” she said.


There has also been a huge trend in Takis consumption. The spicy chips can be seen almost everywhere. Students eat them at lunch and at games and other events. Many of them say it is their favorite snack and they don’t even mind the powder on their fingers after they eat them.. “Takis are literally the best thing to happen,” said Danae Siggers, 7th grader.


It also seems that there’s been a trend in sandwiches, but that’s typical since they’re the basic meal for lunch or any other time. Frank said she enjoys sandwiches for lunch. “Ooh sandwiches. I love sandwiches,” she said.


There is always room for dessert for Dobie students and chocolate is a pretty common choice. “If I didn’t have chocolate, I would go crazy,” said Brianna Sanchez, 7th grader.


Many students  eat chips at some point during the week. If you walked around the cafeteria you would find people eating one of the most popular three kinds of chips: Doritos, Lays Potato Chips, and Fritos. It’s almost as if everyone has a bag.