Personal view: Healthy Ways To Live


Carlea Owens, Staff Reporter

The first thing you should know about being eating  healthy is that you could live to be 100 and when you are older you”ll look and feel great.

My opinion on what you can get that is cafeteria healthy. The food that is there is healthy in the regular line, but in the snack bar line they should get a limit on the snack bar food they purchase. They should limit how much snack bar foods you can get because if you have to much you can get sick. Instead of taking the unhealthy snacks, get the healthy snack so you can live a healthier lifestyle.

The other thing people do that is bad, is that when you get the healthy choice you throw it away, which is horrible. You should at least eat one healthy item on your tray. Another thing is that why do you throw away food that you paid for. It’s not OK to throw your food away. If you don’t eat then you can get very sick which can get you placed into the hospital. Lastly if you don’t eat the right amount of food it can stunt your growth.