Fiction: Aliens Attack Dobie, Teachers Cower in Fear

Norah McGee, Dobie News Club Reporter

Late Monday afternoon, when all the students were at home, aliens were wreaking havoc on the floors of Dobie. They had arrived in a spaceship overnight, and were hostile. Teachers cowered in fear as the aliens raided them, planning to take captives.

Luckily, one of the teachers had a flamethrower on hand. The fearless teacher, who chose to remain anonymous, quickly neutralized the threat before the police had to get involved. This heroic teacher also taught us a lesson, ”We should all try to be a little braver and we just might save a life.”

A janitor informed us, ”The aliens were green, slimy, and I’m glad they were stopped before they got out of hand.” All members of staff are proclaiming this day Alien Day for future generations of Dobie students to celebrate.

Influenced by Kaitlyn Baker