Fiction: Cows on the Moon


Morgan Gardner, Dobie News Club Reporter

Last weekend, NASA held the first annual mooncowpalooza. At first everyone took it as a joke. Then up went the posters, the commercials, and the interviews began. They made space suits, and organized choreography for the mammals. They built a stage in the Sea Of Tranquility with rovers, and loaded the cows into a rocket. It launched at 12:40 pm in Houston Texas on the fifteenth of October.

It landed on the seventeenth, and the performance began. It was filmed, and broad casted in fifty countries. The cows’ performance was beautifully done, they even earned a Nobel Peace Prize for ending war in six different countries. The performance lasted for three and a half hours, and was full of lazer lights and funky music. After the moving performance NASA announced their next big thing… sending a probe full of hamsters into space.