Fiction: Lost In Time


Prologue:  Lost in time

A long time ago in the woods sat a little peaceful cottage or so we thought.  My name is Sally Jackson, but some people call me Little Sally Jackson. Let me tell you about the day I rewrote time. 

I was walking home one day and had this crazy idea to create a time machine. Practically do the impossible. After years of hard work, I did it. So, to test it I went in (not safe).  I accidentally typed in the wrong date ,and it brought me to years in the future where they had self driving cars. As I  waited for a self driving Taxi someone bumped into me and he said “my apologies.” “its okay.” I replied.   He soon spoke ” this is probably awkward but I have this strange sensation that I know you.” I thought I have this felling too though i did not want to admit it to him. I scanned my memories as he scanned his.

Chapter 1: Pulsing Heart

I was scared of what he would say next, for I felt as if i should hug him. I did not hug him because it felt wrong. A young lady about my height with long blond hair came and embraced him. I felt a twinge  of Jealousy in my stomach. I felt as if I should protect him from her.