Fiction: Color The World


Emily Maldonado, Dobie News Club Reporter

It’s always dark and gloomy outside. Always. Rain clouds gather in the distance once more,indicating that daytime was soon to come. The citizens of the small town start drifting off to their homes. Soon, it shall be bedtime.

Every time the sun starts to rise and the clouds start to set in dejectedly, the people go to sleep, waiting for night to come. When the moon gradually comes into sight, the villagers begin to arise from their dreams and go outside to the bliss world. Everything seems so at peace.

When everybody is out, they begin to paint the world. All sorts of colors overlay the dull landscape. They know that in the morning all their hard work will disappear with the depressing droplets of daytime, yet they still continue to cover the world with love and care.

Then, once more, the sun begins to rise and they go back inside, slightly sad by the come of day. Though, they know that once they awaken the moon will be waiting for them to bring happiness once more.