Fiction: Lost in Time


Kaitlyn Baker, news club reporter

A long time ago in the woods lay a little peace full cottage or so we thought. My name is Sally Jackson some people call me little Sally Jackson let me tell you about the day I rewrote time. I was walking home one day and had a crazy idea to create a time machine practicly to do the impossible. After years of hard work I did it. So to test it I want in [not safe] It brought me to several years in the future. I was walking around waiting for the taxi to arrive but as I was waiting  a stranger bumped in to me and said”My apologies “. I replied”Its okay” The stranger soon spoke “I know we just met but I have this strange sensation that I know you” I thought I have this feeling too except I did not want to admit it to him. I scanned my memories for him as he scanned his for me

Chapter one: Pulsing heart

I was afraid of what he would say next. soon a girl about my height came and embraced him. I felt a twinge of jealousy in my stomach. I felt as if I should protect him from her,but I just let it go as if it never happened. The stranger