Personal View: How I Broke My Finger


John Andrade, staff reporter

Hello there my name is John Andrade. I’m 13 years old. I was born in California but currently living in Texas. I play football for Dobie Jr High. Well, not as of right now. Can you guess why? Yup I broke my finger. Quick note i’m actually typing with one hand right now. Yeah I know it’s sad right. Now, I’m gonna tell you the story on how I broke my finger.

So it was the first week of tryouts for the school football team. I was doing really good. The first 4 days we didn’t go all pads but mostly doing drills and going over plays. We had different stations such as the linemen, linebackers, running backs, receivers, and so on. I was with the linebackers.

So the day came it was Friday, aka the first day of hitting. We warmed up first by doing sideline drills then we got ready. First couple hits were fine no injuries have happened. We were halfway through practice almost done and we changed sides. I was supposed to tackle the ball carrier. Then I heard coach say “black!” I sprinted making my way to tackle him. As soon as I hit him I felt my finger in pain. I grabbed my hand as I felt a sharp pain right on my finger. I got back up and back in line. I looked at my finger and it was out of place I showed coach and he took me out of practice.

I got rushed to the hospital and got an x-ray.  They said it was broken and I needed special attention from a different type of doctor, and here I am now. All in all that was the story on how I broke my finger. Now I have my cast off and can type with 2 hands. I’m back in the season and playing like usual.