Student thoughts on team tables


Kalea Wright

Students eat lunch at team tables

Leah Biache and Kalea Wright

New rules, everybody loves them right? Well, not everyone loves the new rules at Dobie. Some of the new rules include staggered release, no phones at lunch,and team tables.
Team tables started close to the end of school last year. These tables give you assigned seats at lunch. There are two numbers on the tables. The first number represents the grade, and the second number represents your team.

We asked students what their thoughts were on team tables. 8th grader, Lillian Harper, said she hates team tables. “ Lunch is the only free period that we have to spend with our friends, and we should be able to sit wherever we want.”

7th grader, Mariah Biache has mixed feelings about team tables. “They keep lunch organized, prevent fights, and it’s the same as elementary and intermediate school. The downside though is that, I want to experience free-seating”

8th grader, Leila Johnson does not like team tables. “We sit with the same people, we have classes with the same people, and it’s hard to make new friends.”

Mr.Jackson, Dobie assistant principal, said,“ Team tables went into place, because the cafeteria would get crazy, lots of trash, and it was unfair to custodians.” he said. “ We’re not trying to be mean, it’s a safety thing.”

Everyone seems to feel different about team tables. Team tables are separated with the “team” you have classes in.Throughout the year we have already gotten new rules, like tables checks before you leave lunch. Table checks are at the end of lunch. Your table has to be clean with NO trash. Then you are dismissed from lunch.