Dobie dress code for females can be controversial


Nevaeh Riojas and Autumn Yoder

In schools, there’s a certain rule that seems to keep catching people, more specifically the girls. That one rule is the female dress code. It holds girls to a certain standard. Some people like it, and some don’t.

Every person has a different view on how the female dress code should be. Dobie Junior High only gives students so much leeway with what they can wear. We asked several girls and boys about their opinion on the female dress code, and their responses held a lot of truth to all students.

Ashlynn Gaskin, an 8th grader said, “It’s stupid, we should be able to express ourselves!”. Leilani Barajas, 8th grade, agreed, saying, “People often show who they are through their clothing.”

But some think that the female dress code is doing what’s right. Antoinette Hatfield, a 7th grader claims, “We need rules in our life to guide us. I follow the rules, but wear what I want.”

The opinion on it can vary depending on who you are. People’s responses have differed, from positive to negative.

We also asked people if they could change anything about the dress code, what it’d be. We got some interesting responses.

Jayden Parkhurst, an 8th grader in Journalism said, “I don’t think the ID-length rule for shorts, most shorts at that length are out of style or unflattering.”

Ashlynn Gaskin remarked, “I would change the tank top rule. I mean, guys aren’t attracted to our shoulders are they?”

Quincy Wolfe, an 8th grader said, “I mean, I guess the code is unfair. Girls should have freedom.” Even though he’s a guy, his response matters, too.

Mrs Higgins, an 8th grade teacher told us, “The dress code is necessary, and prepares students for the real world. There are dress codes in place in workplaces, and the school code readies them for the future.”

With these responses, we can’t exactly come to a conclusion on if it’s fair or not. What do you think about the school dress code? Is it fair or is it not? It’s up to the students to speak up and share their thoughts.