Some students don’t like cafeteria food


Some students say that the school food sometimes tastes terrible and gross. Alyson Rios 8th grader goes to this school and loves to eat, “They should change the menu because it gets boring with the same food, ” she said. A lot of students don’t even eat the school food. 7th grader Gracie Oats says “I don’t even eat from the lunch line, my mom packs me lunch for school,” she said.

Some of the students would rather go to the snack bar than the the regular lunch line Alyson Rios says “My favorite food from the snack bar is Hot Cheetos.”  As a matter a fact 3 out of 5 people that we interviewed said that their favorite food from the snack bar is Hot Cheetos.

Gracie Oats says “I think it is not their fault that the food is not the best because they have a lot of students but that it could be better.” We interviewed a lot of students and three of the students gave us a good quote. Madelyn Cordova an 8th grader and she said; “I think snack bar is better because it doesn’t come frozen and you get to choose what you want.”

The other student was Michelle Reyna an 8th grader and this is what she said that we should change the lunch to; “They should change everything and make it into a Chick-fil-a, or Panda Express. Mark Henderson an 8th grader and he said “I think the lunch ladies do not make the food because the food is not good.”