Dobie 8th grade volleyball is competitive


Khalil Mayweather and Shelby Wilson

The Dobie 8th grade volleyball team is very competitive. So far this year they have had four games and a tournament. A-team is not so well, with a 1-3 record. B-team’s record is 3-1.There are some rules when you are on the volleyball team. Some of the rules are that if you are on the team you have to have good grades.

If you don’t pass your classes then you will not be able to play until you fix the grades you are failing.So, you should give all of your effort into school work so you can play your sport. Last you should always give 110 percent of your effort whether it’s a game or a practice.

This team is very close; they’re like family. They love and support each other. They all work together as a group to be an amazing team. Volleyball is like a more intense version of “don’t let the balloon touch the ground.”

Isabella Gonzales likes being on the volleyball team, because she gets to play the sport she loves with her friends. “It’s a mental game and it gets me to use my mind a lot.” she said. Volleyball teaches you to be physically and mentally tough. It’s a sport that takes focus, but Isabella says the hardest part is “playing with girls who are new to the sport.

Karys Marcum loves to play volleyball! She said that her favorite game they played was their game against Corbett on September 7th 2017. Karys felt good about the game when all the players helped come back in the third match. “The highlight of the game was when we made a came back and beat Corbett.,” Marcum said.