Spotlight: All about Coach Burton


Elena Reamsnyder

Coach Burton during a recent football game.

Coach Jonathan Burton teaches Athletics and Skills for Success. In total he has taught for five years.

In Coach’s home life he has three kids in total. One son named Astyn, nine years old. Two daughters, one named Isla, five years old, and the other Adelyn, two years old. “My wife is the better half of me and she supports me in everything I do,” said Coach Burton.

Coach Burton first realized that he wanted to be a coach when he was in 5th grade. “That’s what I wanted to be,” he said. “Teaching just comes with the job.”

Coach Burton coaches 7th grade Football, Basketball, and Track. In high school he participated in all three sports at Varsity level.

Some students say Coach Burton is crazy and laid back, others say he is strict.

Austin Horton, 7th grader, enjoys Coach Burton’s class. “He’s loud and interactive,” said Horton.

Makayla Madrid 7th grader, has Coach Burton for Skills for Success.  “A positive thing about Coach is he helps me to stay on track by screaming at me,” she said.