Field trips can have pros and cons

Angel Pham and JaChona Owen

At Dobie there aren’t any field trips, or at least everyone can attend to. In middle school, field trips aren’t known like in elementary schools. Wondering “Why?’’ “Field trips are fun though.” After research, interviews, and thinking. We came to the conclusion of many reason why we don’t have field trips and the pros and cons of them for Dobie.

There is about over 1,000 students that attend Dobie, and that’s probably a reason why there aren’t any field trips. If we were planning a field trip the transportation would likely be a bus. Each bus holds about a little more than 50 kids maximum. Meaning there would be roughly about 20 buss’ need, which means the transportation fee would be skyrocketing.

You might be wondering “What about the pros?’’ There are pros to school field trips. For example field trips are a way for students to learn interactively and give out a better understanding to a subject or anything educational. Most students agree that it’s also a lot more exciting when your going to a museum instead of listening to a social studies teacher talk and hand out worksheets to work on for minutes. Study shows that field trips improve the learning of kids more effectively than book work or lessons. Like 8th grader Dobie student says, “I like the experience and how we get to have fun instead of sitting in class 8-9 hours a day.” – Alexia Moreland 

Another con is that our school is filled with 1,000 plus students from ages 13-14 and it’s understandable even if they don’t trust us or see us as troublesome. Since we’re kids we will act childish and act like fools but there are kids that behave properly but it causes many problems choosing and leaving kids behind. Norther less it’d be way too risky and parents would get fairly mad.

Now, there are some classes that do have field trips. For example Career Portals which helps you figure out your future had 2 field trips throughout the whole year. It was for the students to get a better understanding and also enjoy the class more. Another example is Wood Shop. Wood shop is where you build and create things out of wood but it’s necessary to have field trips for elective classes because most of them count as high school credits and its important to do well in them.

The reason why it is important for kids to have field trips is that most students are visual learners. Visual learners is where people learn better by sight. Also interactive learners learn better interactively mostly when going on field trips. In conclusion those are the reason why Dobie doesn’t have field trips and the pros and cons of it.