Dobie buses are crowded

Crowded Busses Are A Danger

Many buses at Dobie Junior High are way overcrowded. This can be dangerous. Buses that are able to hold three eight year old children to a seat, should only have two junior high kids. Many current buses are already holding three to a seat and some even have kids sitting in the walkways.

Michaela Martinez, 8th grader, rides bus 64. “My bus goes to three different neighborhoods and has way too many people on it, I would say it’s passed over crowded sometimes,” She said.

The number of students on the bus can be more dangerous than people may know. Dobie Junior High has had an increase of students, but has not added buses. The buses that did not have an increased amount of students last year are overflowing this year, and Dobie hasn’t done anything about it yet. Sometimes buses even have to take the students who ride the first two stops off to make room for bus riders farther away. This causes students to arrive home at an even later time, leaving them to wait for another bus.

Olivia Cooper, 7th grader, rides bus 59. Bus 59 is usually more crowded in the mornings rather than the afternoons. Cooper thinks this is because of the increase in students at Dobie Junior High. “I just need space”, Cooper proclaims when asked about her crowded bus struggles. Cooper sits in a chair of three, in the middle of two Dobie Junior High band members. Being in the middle, Cooper does not enjoy having bulky instruments over her lap, or as she says, “instruments are everywhere”.

All in all, crowded buses are a danger that does not get fairly noticed. Crowded buses could even result in a car accident because of a high amount of students disobeying and/or being too loud for the bus driver to handle alone. Even though crowded buses are a current problem at Dobie Junior High, raising awareness could help this problem be fixed. If students have a crowded bus situation, they can put towards the effort by telling the student council team.