Personal view:  My Relaxing cruise to Mexico   


Kya Logan, Staff reporter

I recently went on a cruise to Mexico with my sister and mom. The first day on the ship we checked out the room, went to a safety lesson, and went to go see what food they had. I got some pizza, and sat down by the window, and watched the dolphins. After we ate we went to the deck. While we were on the deck they started playing really loud music, and started counting down the seconds till we left the port. The rest of the day we sat in our room.

Second day on the cruise we slept in and watched TV. We finally got up and went downstairs to get breakfast. We looked around the ship and the different activities they had. When it started to get dark we went to the casino and played this really fun coin game, we won some hats, shirts, and free drinks. We also went to the arcade and got lots of points on our card and cashed them in and got a whole bunch of small prizes.

The third day on the cruise we finally ported in Mexico. We got up and got ready really fast and went to go eat. We had to wait a little until our group left the ship. My mom said we had to go downstairs so we could get off the ship. When we got off the ship they checked our cards and let us through this building to go be in Mexico. Right away we went to go find our tour guide,everybody was there so the group left. We got on a shuttle and drove about ten minutes until we got to a resort. When we got there they we took pictures and followed our tour guide to the changing areas so we could go snorkeling. We put our stuff in the lockers and went with the group to the beach. When we got there I was looking in the water and there was a lot of rocks so my mom and I just went to the small beach while my sister went snorkeling. When the group was done we went to go eat. After we got dressed we went to go see a sea lion show, it was so cute.

The fourth day we went to the Mayan Ruins and it was really hot outside so we got some ice cream. After that we went to the beach and ate some food. At the beach we found lots of cool shells and a horseshoe crab. On the way back to the ship we saw some flamingos in these small lakes near the road. When we got back we did some shopping. When it got later we went to the pool it was really fun because the boat was rocking so it made the pool like a wave pool. We also watched wonder women on the deck in the pool.

On the fifth day we were on the boat all we were on the boat all night and day. All we did that day was go to the casino and eat. The next morning we got ready fast and went to go eat breakfast got our luggage and had to go through a process of coming back into the states.