Dobie football practice is tough

Kobe Gonzalez and John Andrade

In Dobie Junior High football players have practice during athletics and after school.These athletes have practice 3 times a week and have games on Thursday. Blake Nolen, 8th grader, is a member of the football team. “We go over special teams during athletics, and we go 1 hour of offense and 1 hour of defense at practice, “ he said.

At Dobie there are 3 football teams: A, B, and C. C team only practices during athletics, A and B team practices during and after school. They start at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

“We don’t have too many leaders, the only person that really pops  into my head is Julian,” said Jacob Coppage.

The athletes’ practices are intense and hard. When they mess up they do up-downs or push ups, and get yelled at. The athletes practiced in 90 degrees and they were in full pads.                                                                               

Julian Cousins, 8th grader, is a member of the football team. “My favorite part of practice is when we go team on offense,” he  said.

The left side of the football field is used by the 8th graders. On the right side is where the 7th graders practice. Kyle Cash, 8th grader, is a member of the football team. “It doesn’t really distract us because we are so focused on beating the team we play this week.”

When the athletes practice coaches usually hurry them to field. When the athletes get in a huddle and break, if they walk coaches will scream if they notice or see them. During games the coaches don’t yell or scream at the athletes. If they mess up the coaches usually just tell the what they did wrong or what they messed up on. Blake Nolen, 8th grader, member of the football team said, “Yeah, they are usually more serious during the games then during practice but at practice they yell more.”