Too Old To Trick Or Treat?

Sophia Garza, Davis Donicht, and Sadoc Rivera

As kids start to grow up they stop trick or treating, So Dobie Students have decided to band together and find out why.

Ethan Lafranco an 8th grade Dobie football player still trick or treats and feels, “I feel like I’m maybe too old, but I really want candy.” He also thinks…“ I think after fifteen you should stop trick or treating.”

We asked if Wesley Mann a former Dobie mascot still trick or treats he replied “Yeah of course!” Wesley also said “ you are never too old to trick or treat, it’s free candy.”

James Partin another eighth grade Dobie football player said, “ I think trick or treating is very childish, I stopped when I was ten.” When asked if Donovan Holcombe still trick or treated he replied with “no, I think it is too childish, I think you should stop trick or treating when you are 14.” Darien Thomas another eighth grade journalist says “ I think kids should never stop trick or treating, because it is never too late to be a kid.”

Taylor Dority a 7th grader at Dobie still trick or treats and says “I believe you should stop trick or treating when you want to.” Another 7th grader Samaya WhiteLightning, who still trick or treats thinks that “ you should stop trick or treating at 14, because next year you’re going to be a freshman and there’s a time for everyone to grow up.”

Eighth grader NJHS student, Jessie Vrooman thinks “ I think it depends, not everyone grows up at the same time” Another Dobie student athlete, Caleb Davis said “ We still celebrate Christmas so why not celebrate Halloween?” Sidney Love a eighth grade Dobie basketball player thinks “ We shouldn’t care what other people think about dressing up and having fun.”

In retrospect, students at Dobie have a lot of different opinions about Halloween and when we should stop. The opinions did not lean to one side or the other it was more a median than anything else.