Personal View : Dobie rules cause problem for students


Andrew Ortega, Staff Reporter

The first day of school is the day friends reunite after two and a half months without seeing each other. I know everyone is facing the challenge of having to go to their lockers every morning to get their stuff. Some students do not like to keep their backpacks and personal belongings in their lockers, but it helps the student concentrate better in the classroom.

Getting to class in under five minutes passing periods is unbelievable. It is just a cause for trouble. Everyone is rushing to get to their class because they only have five minutes. A student could get hurt rushing around.

Another problem is dress code. We already have to put on an ugly ID now we can even have a simple tear in pants or shirt. I mean what is the problem with a little bit of skin showing we all have skin. I think it is unfair that if we ever get dress-coded we wouldn’t even have the option to call home for new clothes , but were forced to put duct tape on our thigh. Putting tape on thigh because we are out of dress code is dangerous because it could stop circulation to our thigh and could get us hurt, and no teachers want to hurt a student.

ID’s are another problem because when we forget them, us as students have to go to morning detention and wait there till classes start. Staying in morning detention is the only thing we have to do, we also have to put on a sticker with our name on it and not take it off all day. I believe if Dobie lowers the prices of the ID’s after the second semester students could buy one and the amount of people being sent to morning detention would decrease.

Imagine having to always need your phone in class, some teachers involve students to have a phone in class because their lessons are online. Not me, but I know some students aren’t given a phone at an early age. It would be nice if the school could give each class a couple of Ipads for the students without phone to use.