Personal view:  My awesome 2017 summer


Gelyan Santiago, Staff Reporter

Hello my name is Gelyan Santiago, I,m 12 years old and I’m in 7th grade at Dobie Junior High.

This summer started off very boring, I didn’t have anyhting to do. Although in June, on the weekends, we had to go to my little brother’s baseball games.

In July my family and I were so excited for July tenth. Why do you ask? Well on July tenth we were going to go to our hometown in Puerto Rico. We stayed there for a month and it was really fun.

We went to surprise all of my family over there. No one knew we were going so it was a big surprise. We haven’t been there for 3 years so, we were glad we could finally visit.

The first week we already had plans since we got the tickets to go to a special event called “Carnaval”, it was basically a series of Basketball games between the hometowns of Ponce and Santa Isabel. After all of the games we would stay because there will always be a famous artist singing and everyone else dancing. WE HAD A BLAST!!!

My 2 siblings and I  stayed there for a month with my grandma and my grandpa, but my mom and my dad had to leave in 2 weeks because they had to work. Well they left, not a big deal.

I thought the rest of the trip was going to be boring since my grandma barely drives but, I was wrong. She took us to the beach, a pool, Altitude Park and more places. We had a good time there.

When we got back I was kind of sad but really tired since we were on a airplane for 5 hours. Then we got to Houston and stayed there for 2 hours waiting for our plane, After that, we got on the plane for 35 minutes. I felt really weird when I was in my house since in Puerto Rico the houses are small and here they are big.

Then we had two weeks until school started. When I got back I hung out with my best friend Fatima because she goes to Corbett. Then school started.