Personal View: My Dobie Cross Country Experience


My Experiences with Dobie Cross Country

By Matthew Willis

Hello my name is Matthew Willis, I have finished my first week doing Dobie cross country  and I’m going to be writing about it. The sport cross country itself is a grueling and difficult sport to play but the rewards are well worth the work. I will tell you how my experience has been and will be writing about the effects it had on my physical fitness, the way it has changed and improved my life, and how it affects the other sports I play. Caleb is an eighth grader who runs cross country this what he thinks of it,” Cross country is my favourite sport because of the toughness and the friends you make along the way.”

Doing cross country in my experience been a really challenging sport you have to be tough, willing, and physically fit. In my experience the practices are at six twenty-five in the morning and finish around seven thirty and seven forty-five this might difficult if you are like me, I used sleep in until about six forty-five, but if you really work and get up and go it doesn’t really feel all that bad.

The average distance we run at a practice is approximately 2 and a half to three and a half miles it can also be a lot longer or a lot shorter, although this puts your body through a lot of stress you feel great for doing it and if you keep it up like that your body will be used to it and can run the distance easy. This a great thing to be able to do and is good for your fitness. Aubrey is another eighth grader doing cross country she says,” Although cross country is hard to do the way it has affected my other sports like basketball has been crazy!”

Your body also starts to get stronger after doing it for a while but, not just your physical strength your mental strength will grow. After running and telling yourself to keep running your mind becomes a lot tougher the perks of having this trait means that it is easier to do things that seem too hard to do or if you feel lazy. This means that if you have a test tomorrow and you can play video games or study you will use your mental strength to be strong and choose to study instead of playing games.

Another massive perk of playing cross country is the effect it has on other sports you might be playing. The sport cross country perfects your breathing and it also ensures you to be able to run longer this means that if you play soccer, football, or any other sport you will be able to run better, longer, and faster than everyone else. This can be a major help when playing in games against other schools because being able to run in an overall better way than them makes a big part of whatever sport you play easier for you and harder for them.

Thank you for reading and I hope I have encouraged you to try cross country or any other new sport.