Many students enjoy school holidays and breaks


After many days of classes, and homework, students find joy when it comes to School Holidays. For example, Thanksgiving break, Christmas, Spring break, and many more. Students suddenly feel relieved during the holidays. 

Amaya Wasden is a seventh grade Dobie student who really enjoys School Holidays. Her favorite break is summer break. Why? Amaya loves spending time with her family. She usually goes to Six Flags and other fun family events. “I like having months and months off of school, like vacation!” said Wasden.

Xavier White is an eighth grade Dobie student who loves to chill with his friends. He enjoys having School Holidays/ breaks as well. His favorite break/School holiday is Spring Break. Why, you  may ask? He loves “being with friends and family at the beach.” White also enjoys playing sports, going to the movies on a sunny day and loves “seeing females.”

Lastly, Markus Richardson is a seventh grade Dobie student who loves Christmas Break. He enjoys laying down, opening presents, and seeing his family. Overall, he loves seeing the whole scenery of Christmas. Red, green, white, blue, waking up to a tree full of presents! “I like to have fun while it lasts.”

Many students sincerely enjoy School Holidays/ breaks. What do you think about them? Leave a comment below, and have a great day!