Many students don’t like new rules


Ti'Miah Allen-Jackson, Staff reporter


In the first two weeks of school, Dobie administration held an assembly to address rules and dress code for Dobie Jr. High School. Students were told about the following rules: no backpacks in class, no snacks in class, no phones, and dress code. The were also told they needed to sit in teams during lunch instead of wherever they want. And this year, students are still being released by intercom announcements at the end of the day, similar to how the procedure began at the end of last year.

Daeya Morgan, 7th grader at Dobie Jr High, dislikes the rules. “They’re stupid.There are too many rules to follow; I agree with the spaghetti strap rule because it’s inappropriate for your parents to let you out the house exposing your body,” she said. “I think the 5 rows for Dobie to sit at when you’re at Steele High school game”, said Morgan.

Aubrey Martinez, 7th grader at Dobie Jr High, does not like the rules . ‘’Ok so some of them are a little bit much but they’re reasonable,” said Martinez.

Kobe Gonzalez, 8th grader at Dobie Jr High, is unsure about  the rules. ‘’I don’t really care about the dress code. I hate them all all especially the locker rule because it takes too much time and  makes me late to classes,” said Gonzalez.