Personal View: My favorite halloween movies


Madilyn Morris, Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Madilyn Morris and I’m going to tell two of my all time favorite movies. The first one is The Nightmare Before Christmas and the second one is The Addams Family.


First is The Nightmare Before Christmas and is one of my top favorite movies.

It is about how the pumpkin king doesn’t want to scare people anymore and wants a change for once. So he sets off and finds a circle of doors with different signs on them. He finds one door with a Christmas tree and decided to look in. He was greeted by cold but soft snow and glowing lights on trees. As he is walking through the door he is amazed by the festive air and the small people sang a jolly song. After his amazing trip into Christmas town, he decides to inform the people of Halloween town about the discoveries. The people of Halloween town are confused yet amazed by the things from Christmas town. The pumpkin king then decides to change Halloween to Christmas. For the plan to work he needed Santa Claus to be “missing” but be hiding in a safe place. After the whole mess of things, he falls in love with a girl named Sally that has been helping along the way.



Second is The Addams Family and this is a very creepy but funny movie/show. It is about a family who is creepy by the looks but weird by the personality. This family lives in a “haunted” house but it’s really just a dark looking home. To be real you have to watch the movies and shows for yourself for a better understanding because everyone has their own opinion on the movies and show. I personally like the shows better but the movies are good too. But overall it’s a funny show and the kids are the funnies out of all of the characters.