Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Hecox


Kennedy Freeman

Mrs. Hecox: the best

Jayden Parkhurst, Staff reporter

There are so many different teachers at Dobie, but only a few make that favorites list that everyone has. Many 7th graders claim that they don’t favor a lot of teachers, but it’s a whole other story for 8th graders. One of the 8th grade teachers is none other than Dobie Jr High’s very own Ruby Hecox.

Mrs. Hecox is an 8th grade Math and Pre-AP Algebra teacher. She is a teacher for the 8-1 team and loves her job, and her students even more. “I really like working my students and making them as good as they can be,” said Mrs. Hecox. “I’m looking forward to making connections with new students as the year goes by,” she stated. She said that so far her favorite class periods would have to be her 7th and 1st periods.

Many math teachers teach their lessons straight out of the book, but not Mrs. Hecox, she likes to make up things for certain lessons to make it easier on her students. She believes as a teacher you cannot be too strict, but you can’t let the class get out of control. “A teacher that is mean to their students scares them too much to ask questions and a teacher that can’t keep their class under control just doesn’t care about you,” said Mrs. Hecox.

She cares about her students like they would be her kids and had the pleasure of teaching her own daughter at Dobie. “People think her grades were so good because well hey her mom is the math teacher so she must be getting extra help at home, but she didn’t any special treatment, she was just good at math,” shared Mrs. Hecox.

As much as Mrs. Hecox likes her students, her students like her even more.