Personal View: What Halloween Means to Me

Alivia Cooper, Staff reporter

By: Alivia Cooper

Hi! I am Alivia Cooper, 7th grade. To me Halloween means multiple things; For adorable kids (and other kids) to dress up and be creative, It also means I can roam the streets meeting really nice neighbors I never really knew existed,  not to mention all the delicious candy. During the day, you get to anticipate every moment. You get  to brag  to your friends about your costume, and don’t forget about putting your costume together.

Last year when i went trick or treating, I was sooooo excited, because it was my first year going with a friend. I saw amazingly awesome costumes ranging from: Ninja Turtles, Fairies, Clowns, and Wizards!  I saw one little girl dressed as a mermaid, she was the cutest!!!

One year I went to a complete stranger’s house, on the street of mine, and met a girl who lived there ,whom was a parrot. As i would soon to know her as Taryn, she would become my best friend, and only friend, for 5 years straight. So, it has proven helpful to go to houses you haven’t met yet, and a friend may be in your future.

Candy is always amazing when you want it most. Fill yourself up with candy, fill your bag up with candy, fill your DOG up with candy!! Wait, no, not your dog. Forget the dog, don’t give your dog candy. Once I got exactly 6 lbs of candy!! And, no, I did not give it to my dog.

Some people sew their own costumes, others buy them, and some go with what they have at home, but almost everyone has an amazing costume every year no matter how or where they got their costume.

I have always loved prepping for Halloween. Putting on makeup, face paint, doing my hair, putting on the final thing. I love it. It gets you all excited for what’s coming.

But truly spending time with friends and family on Halloween,  is what means most to me.