Personal View: Why I don’t celebrate Halloween.


Darien Thomas, Staff Reporter

Hello my name is Darien Thomas an 8th grader at Dobie Jr High. And I’m going to proceed to go into detail on what halloween means to me.

Halloween has not lost all its meaning to me but it has definitely lost its spoopy magic touch. For example I used to get hyped when halloween would come about, I’d watch horror movies before the fateful night of candy collecting came.

I’d go to Party City and spend a good two hours in there trying stuff on and messing around with the wacky instruments they had in there.

However, it just isn’t the same anymore. It’s not like I’ve grown of it, cause I”d love to go around and say “Trick or Treat” but I think those days are over.

 I’m not giving up on Trick or Treating, it’s just transitioning from it’s ghoulish humor to predictable movies.

Getting annoyed every ding dong you hear at your doorbell. It had become especially difficult for me this Halloween because my new doggo had ran out while I was handing out candy to children and luckily he was smart enough to come inside through the back gate.

My family isn’t as enthusiastic about it so I don’t see much of  a point to continue to celebrate it any longer.