TV Review: RWBY, A ‘RoosterTeeth’ production


Leilani Barajas, Staff reporter

RWBY is a show made by Monty Oum a member of a famous production called Rooster Teeth. The show is an american anime-style web series that was released on July,18,2013 and still has episodes being made. There are five seasons and a total of seventy eight episodes. The episodes are in a 3D animation style that has progressively gotten better. The show is set in  the fictional world of Remnant, where young people train to become Huntsmen and Huntresses to protect their world from the creatures of Grimm.


The show is very well made and has many likeable villains and heroes in the series.The voice acting is also well done making the characters sound truly like real people with complex emotions. The show also has a spin off series called RWBY chibi that has two seasons and features short episodes showing the characters of RWBY making jokes and being silly. Rooster Teeth also made a game for RWBY called RWBY:Grimm Eclipse where you can chose which character you want to be and fight the creatures of Grimm.


The Grimm are creatures of darkness and come in many forms, the models of these creatures are very original some of them are even based off ancient myths. The four main characters are Blake Belladonna(Arryn Zech),Ruby Rose(Lindsay Jones), Weiss Schnee(Kara Eberle), and Yang Xiao Long(Barbara Julie Dunkelman).There are many characters other than these four that are seen most of the time. This giant cast of characters and their detailed backstories are so amazing and interesting that you always want to learn about the characters.


Sadly, Monty Oum, the creator of this amazing show passed away in 2015. He had an allergic reaction during a medical procedure and fell into a coma on January,22,2015. He did not die until February 1st of 2015. He directed volumes 1-2 before he died then Kerry Shawcross took over and directed volumes 3-5.


This show has had a lot of effort put into it and continues to gain popularity. The show has been through many stages to get better.The most recent volume of RWBY is Volume 5 which as of November,8,2017 has a total of 4 episodes. This series will always continue to grow and get better until the series ends. When RWBY ends it will leave behind a trail of victories and accomplishments. Until that day RWBY fans will always enjoy the episodes,buy merchandise,cosplay,write fanfiction,and make tons of fanart.