Personal View: How was my Halloween?


Jacob Shannon, Staff Reporter

H-H-Halloween was p-p-pretty s-s-spooky this y-y-year!

My Halloween

Halloween is such a fun time of year. A time of tricks and treats (or Takis if you prefer), but this year things were a little different than the last. Alright, first let’s look at the similarities.


Killer clowns were roaming the streets last year. This year, they roam the cinemas. The new IT movie has earned $123.1 million in revenue so far. In the words of the Meme, “Hey, that’s pretty good.” Another return was the pumpkin spice latte in coffee shops around the country. Don’t make me write about that or else I’ll end up being destroyed on social media.


Now the differences. It was quite a cloudless sky last Halloween, but this year it rained a lot. It was also pretty foggy. Making it extra spooky. Furthermore the Halloween memes have changed. This year we have the trumpet playing skeleton. Too spooky for me.


In conclusion, this Halloween was way better than the last.