Personal View: My 2017 Halloween experience


Seraphim Wright, Staff reporter

This Halloween was a lot of fun. I hung out with my friends, got free candy, and performed in a play. I made a lot of memories this year, and had a great time.

I got to school, and a lot of people were excited because they knew that it was Halloween. It was a dark and rainy day though, so it made the whole Halloween a little more spooky. I ate lunch in the theater room with some of my classmates that day to prepare for the show. We talked about theater and went over our lines.

After school I went to the theater room to order a pizza and get ready for the show. We ordered a huge eighteen slice pizza for some of us to share. They said the pizza would get there by 4:15, but it didn’t get there until 4:40. We hurried up and ate our pizza because we were in a hurry to get our makeup done.

We did some warm-ups 15 minutes before the show started. I led one with my friend, and everyone had fun participating. At 5:30, the doors opened for people to go into the cafeteria. I sat on the side of the stage with the narrators to start the show. We had a great show that day, and I think the audience enjoyed it.

After the show was over, I went with one of my cast mates, Kamryn Lovett, and our other friend to go trick-or-treating. We dressed up as Fox and Sox! Our shirts said our names and either Fox, And, or Sox. We also had fox ears, socks on our hands and feet, and white lipstick. We went trick-or-treating in a neighborhood, and got a lot of candy.

We went back to Kamryn’s house after and watched The Goosebumps Movie until my parents came to pick me up. We all had a great time that day and hope to do something similar next Halloween!