Personal view: Halloween at my house


Maya Zola, staff reporter

My Halloween went good enough to where i was happy about the turn out. Since  i live in a HOA neighborhood, we have decoration contest. For the past few years we’ve been reusing some skeletons, putting on different clothes, different set up.

Last year we did a witch theme. There were three skeletons surrounding a cauldron with robes, witch hats, and cloaks on. The cauldron was held up with three poles. For the lights we had steaks in the ground that held up a mini projector to where it would project ghosts, witches, and trees on the outside walls of our house. That year we got 3rd place and 25 dollars.

This year we did a charlie brown, the great pumpkin, theme. We used pumpkin buckets as the heads and put bathroom curtains over them to look like  ghost. We had Pigpen, Charlie, Lucy, and Sally. we also had a white board cut out to make the moon with snoopy drawn on to look like a shadow. We had pumpkins around the characters, we used  the same the lights as last year.

My sister and i both carved pumpkins this year. I did an eighth note while my sister, Astra, put an alien a under a spaceship with some other ships around with the alien doing a peace sign.  My dad would usually carve a pumpkin but this year he didn’t. His previous years he did a witch, a wolf, and one where it looked like the bigger pumpkin was “eating” the smaller one.

Every year our neighborhood has a party before Halloween. At the party there would be a costume contest, a movie, and they would announce the decoration winners. This year when we went i entered the costume contest with a friend who was dressed as a pirate. Neither of us won. For the movie they played the book of life. When they are about to announce the winners for the decorations  they make sure everyone can hear and start to say the winners. First place was a house nearby mine with a big coffin in the yard as the focus point. My house got second with 50 dollars. Then a house on my street got third place.

At my house for Halloween its very festive and that’s just Halloween! Wait till Christmas comes.