Personal view: my top 5 favorite Halloween things

Kamryn Lovett, Staff Reporter

Hello I’m Kamryn Lovett and I’m in 8th grade. I have 5 things about Halloween that make my night a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s start from the beginning. I love dressing up! I have not been outside on Halloween without an amazing costume! My favorite costumes were a clown (scary), phantom, fox, and an angel. If I ever hear someone say, “I’m not dressing up.” I say, “ No! I will force you to be anything but nothing!”

Second, I LOVE the parties! I always dress up! I just recently gone to a party as a scarecrow! It was fun! I ate a lot of candy, sang songs, and danced til’ late at night! Halloween parties, in my opinion, are the best because you have an excuse to be crazy and eat lots of sugar!

Third, I love the movies! Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorites! I also like It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! Because it’s so cute! I wanted to see the new movie IT but I never had the chance to go.

Fourth, candy! Just regular good candy! I can eat pretty much everything EXCEPT peanut butter! Also, since I got my braces, I can’t have Starburst, gum, and other gummy candy. But it’s okay! I have Skittles and Snickers!

Last one of my favorite things is…. FRIENDS! I always try to hang out with my friends that night! I went Trick-or-Treating with two of them this year! I really want to be with them every Halloween night that I can! And, not only  my friends that are fun but going with my siblings and parents are just as great!