Personal View: my top 5 favorite Halloween things


Aaliyah Scafe, Staff Reporter

My first favorite thing about Halloween is when people make their garage scary and you have to walk in there and get the candy. I also like it when they have scary robots that jump out at you. When I went trick or treating this Halloween, I got an orange from an elder couple and the orange was good. I also got a fun size candy bar, I got the big Starburst and my sister got the big Milky way bar.

My second favorite thing about Halloween are the scary movies. Halloween brings out the best in television if you want to be scared. Whether it’s special programming or a movie marathon, there is plenty to watch in October that is suitable for children and adults. Of course, you can rent DVD’s or buy boxed sets that have all of the good horror classics.

My third favorite thing about Halloween are the haunted houses. Haunted houses aren’t for the squeamish but there is a fascination with them that is undeniable. Perhaps that is why local groups manage to get the extra funding every year to set one up. Great alternatives include haunted mazes, barns, and garages.

My fourth favorite thing about Halloween is trick or treating. It wouldn’t be Halloween without trick-or-treating. It’s the children’s  favorite tradition that allows them to show off their costumes and collect candy. These days, many parents take their kids to school parties or controlled trick-or-treating environments such as malls or church parking lots. Although the tradition is evolving due to safety concerns, there’s still a chance that little ghosts, goblins, or ghouls will show up on your doorstep if you leave the porch light on. Make sure you have candy and a smile ready to greet them.

My last favorite thing about Halloween is the candy. Halloween is favored day for those with a sweet tooth. A guilt-free day, sort of like a “free pass” to load up on sugar. Stores have a large variety to choose from that’s not available all year long. It’s easy to mix and match your favorites, especially when they’re on sale. Cross your fingers for leftovers after the last trick-or-treaters have rang the bell.