Personal View: Greatest Halloween ever!


Hope Carl, Staff reporter

My name is Hope Carl Halloween this year was a bit of a wreck. First it started raining which was not fun at all, because our candy and our costumes got soaked! But the candy I got was pretty good, and some of my neighbors were handing out weird things like chips and fidget spinners? But it was a pretty good Halloween I got to hang out with my friends and eat lots of candy. For this Halloween I was little red riding hood and my little brother was the “big bad wolf “, so after we got that round of candy we went back to my house and my mom told me I could go get more. I ran up to my room and got my giant sloth hat and my cape at ran out the door.

While I was outside for the 2nd time after it stopped raining I noticed that more people started coming out. I was dying of laughter because of the costumes I saw. I walked by one of my friends who was in a full-body dinosaur costume, and some other random dude wearing a cow costume and every time he knocked on someone’s door he would say “moo”.  After I passed by lots of friends I decided to cross the road that connects my neighborhood and the one across from mine. I wasn’t a real busy road so I was fine, but hoping I don’t get hit by a car.

As I crossed the neighborhood I noticed the houses were really big and I started knocking on some doors and someone gave me a full size snicker. I was jaw dropped, after that I begged my mom to go to that neighborhood every time. But my mom got mad because I wasn’t supposed to cross that road so I got grounded. After a good 30 minutes of my parents yelling and lecturing me I decided to just go upstairs and eat my candy.

As I sat in my bed I thought of this as the worst Halloween ever, but it turned out to be fun. I got silly outfits with my family, and we got weird things from random people like spinners. Honestly this turned out to be an awesome Halloween! Also one that I know I will never forget.