Personal view: How my Halloween went

By: Asedeya Pagan


Asedeya Pagan, Staff Reporter

Hi my name is Asedeya Pagan I am 13 and yes I went trick-or-treating. It was so fun, yet a total mess. It had started to rain and so my mom, sister, and I had to wait but my mom did not want to wait so we just went into the rain and surprisingly  my makeup did not come off.


For this Halloween I was one of those day of the dead skulls and it was so pretty. I have to give all the credit to my mom because she did my makeup so good and I loved it. Since I made my choice on the day of the dead so last minute I really did not have a costume to wear so I just wore my regular clothes.


I went trick-or-treating this year with one of my sisters. My other sister did not want to come. As we were going trick-or-treating it started to rain and I was so worried because I thought it would ruin my makeup but it did not, but the rain kept coming and going but it had stop around eight o’clock so we were good.

I actually got a lot of candy. I was not surprised because we went to almost every house and some neighborhoods did not even have any kids come down there street. The sad thing is all of my candy and my sister’s got all mixed up so I don’t know what candy is mine. I went to school the next day and it was a half but I saw everyone bring a whole bag of candy.