Personal view: Best 2017 Halloween memories


Madelyn Cordova, Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Madelyn Cordova. My Halloween is different than most of my kids I live around this in my neighborhood.They went trick or treating but I stayed home and went places.I sort of liked it this year. But I also like having candy that I can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.I like costumes, but this year I couldn’t dress up.

At first, I was supposed to go trick or treating.But then I came home laid in bed and watched videos on Halloween makeup.After that my sister came into my room and told me we may not go trick or treating because it may rain.I was really depressed because I really wanted to go get candy and see my friends.But then she said we may just stay home and watch a movie.

At first, I went to the gym and I was really sad because I saw candy.” why would there be candy at a gym,”my little sister said.After that, my friend sent me a picture of her and her friends in there Halloween costumes. I really wanted to go trick or treating with them.Halloween was one of my favorite holidays.

Then I came home and my mom surprised me because she told me instead of going trick or treating we are making candy apples.Then she told me we had to get caramel and apples from HEB. I went and we also picked up pumpkins to paint.I was really excited now.I couldn’t wait till I got home to watch a movie, paint a pumpkin, and make candy apples.

I love the candy apples.There was caramel dripping down the side.They were so freaking good.It was shiny brown dripping down the green and red apples.Then we watched the movie the hokes pokes.

The movie was really good. It is an old movie so some of it is okay but most of the movie is really good.It is about a kid that moved to a new neighborhood and didn’t believe in the scary stories.Then he lights the witches candle and they come alive again.Start to hurt people and try to eat the little kids.

I  really liked what I did this Halloween because I spent most of my time with my family and not all my friends.I liked the caramel apples so much they are so delicious.I do wish that I did get candy though.Because all my friends bring the candy to school.But my friend brought me some the second day after Halloween.