Personal View: My Rainy Halloween


Aaron Jennings, Staff Reporter

I went trick or treating with my sister, but it was raining really hard. We walked around a lot before the rain got really bad. We took refuge in our family friend’s garage. She gave us some candy. My homemade costume was drenched and my sister looked like a sad vampire.


My sister and I were upset because we didn’t really get that much candy. We headed home sad and lacking chocolate. The next day stores were having a Halloween candy discount. My mom went to Target to get candy. She came home with five bags of different kinds of candy.  


So I stuffed my face with candy corn and chocolate. Even though my Trick Or Treating was cut short, I loved Halloween this year. I got to eat candy and wear my Jughead Jones costume. Seeing other peoples costumes were cool too if they were homemade or store bought.