Personal View: Halloween 2017 memories


Leah Biache

Running snow-cone station for Halloween event

Leah Biache, Staff reporter

My name is Leah Biache. This year for Halloween I was an Astros baseball player. They are in the World Series, and they had a game that night. For Halloween I went to my church. They have a thing called “Trunk or Treat”.

“Trunk or Treat” is usually in the parking lot, but there was a chance it was going to rain, so they moved it inside. They have some stations you can stop at. Every station has candy. There is a hot-dog, snow cone, cotton candy, and popcorn station. There are seven other tables with games. Two weeks before “Trunk or Treat” the staff put out sign-up sheets.

My best friend, my sister, two guys, and I sign-up every year for snow cones. To sign-up you have to be 13 or older. If you sign up, you are in charge of making the snow cones. My friend, my sister, and one guy took care of crushing the ice, the other guy and I took care of making the snow cones and serving them.

Throughout the night we would get many people at our station.We had a small space to work in. It would get chaotic and very messy. The syrup would stall, and we would have to push harder. They ice would melt and we would have to clean up. We would have times with no one there, and we would have time with a line.

We had many different request. Some parents would want a flat snow cone for kids, others would want lot’s of ice. People would want a little bit of syrup, while others wanted mixed flavors and their ice drenched. There was one kid that came up with his mom and he was Georgie, and his mom was IT. She had a red balloon. Their costume was very cool. This Halloween was filled with many memories.